Friday, August 1, 2014

Whether you think you can or you can't

This is an old post, but this is something I have truly tried working on ever since I wrote it.


I came to the realization that I’m lazy.

I was watching some random YouTube video of this acoustic group, wishing I could play guitar, and then it dawned on me; I can. I have just chose not to.

I have had numerous people encourage me and push me to do great things and I feel I haven’t lived up to my potential.  I’ve done a lot of shoulda coulda woulda and it ends now.
I started to think about all my hopes for The Monster and the kind of man I want him to be and how I hope he chases his dreams with the tenacity, fervor and fearlessness of a honey badger (yeah I said it- look those guys up, fearless!) And if I want my son to be that kind of man then it is up to me to be that kind of role model for him. I will not just tell my son he can do anything and everything he wants and set his mind to, I will show my son he was born for greatness.  I will show my son the satisfaction of hard work and accomplishment.  I will show my son how amazing he is.  Because it’s not just up to Dad’s to make their little boys into men.


The reason I chose to put this post backup is because it is something I felt I have worked on and think I've done fairly well. I've begun setting new goals for myself and working toward them with everything I've got. It also helps that the Sgt. is right here to back me up and keep me accountable to my new goals, hopes and dreams.

I also chose this because come Monday I'm going to start a new weekly post that I hope catches on. As most people would say Mondays suck, but I've realized while being deployed and working seven days a week - it is just another day and any day can be great if you let it. I want to bring positivity and encouragement to Mondays so if you're here I hope you'll come back after the weekend to see what I've got going for us.

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